Obesity : A Serious Health Concern For Children And Teenagers Essay

Obesity : A Serious Health Concern For Children And Teenagers Essay

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One of the foremost problems children face today is obesity. Obesity has become an epidemic health concern for children and teenagers. The truth is, researchers are calling obesity "the new epidemic" this year about approximately 60 million people in America will die from illnesses of obesity. Several diseases, include diabetes and heart disease, are all connected to obesity. In order to create a culture that values health and exercise, there are ways to not develop obesity, such as physical activity and a healthier lifestyle.
Some people define obesity as overweight for his or her age. However, obesity is a serious health concern for children and teenagers. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention argues, the study obesity, adds: “the prevalence of obesity has more than doubled among children ages 2 to 5 which is 5.0% - 12.4% and ages 6 to 11 is 6.5% - 17.0%. In teens ages 12 to 19, prevalence rates have tripled 5.0% - 17.6% ( National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys). However, BMI knows as Body mass index is a practical measurement to determine overweight and obesity. For children and teenagers aged from 2-19 years the BMI value is plotted on the growth charts to determine the corresponding g BMI for age percentile. According to overweight is defined as BMI classifications of overweight children and obesity in children and teenagers are age and sex specific because of the children’d body composition varies as they age and varies between boys and girls (CDC Growth Charts of The United States).
Physically, Overweight children are more likely to become overweight adults Children who were obese younger are more likely to be obese adults when they’re older or even worse increase all health risks. Also, o...

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...hat phase or reacting to eating just to feel comfortable or better themselves. Interestingly children who have that passionate love tend to decrease of living an unhealthy lifestyle ( Jeffrey Koplan).
In closing, it’s outstanding to put an end to children from enhancing obesity by dealing and facing out the issues from the beginning that the weight is build up. If children, already have built up weight, there shouldn’t be no doubts about it. Instead, there should be pre-caution and a disciplined lifestyle for the child to prevent risky health factors later on. The solution is to work on being positive and have the support from others such as family and friends. Anyone can drop their weight as long as their is positive reinforcement and support around them. If someone like me lose a few pounds from my weight. Then anyone can as well. It’s not hopeless. It’s possible.

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