Obesity : A Major Epidemic Crisis Essay

Obesity : A Major Epidemic Crisis Essay

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Type 2 diabetes that is associated with obesity is a major epidemic crisis not only in the past but also in modern societies where exercise is optional and unhealthy foods are in advantage because of the unrestricted access to high-calorie foods. Diabetes type 2 is a disease that gets worst if left untreated (Lazar, 2005). Unlike type 1 diabetes patients with type 2 diabetes are able to make insulin however, the body does not respond to the insulin that are produced by the pancreas because it continues to damage (Health Navigator, NZ). Unhealthy lifestyle may be the number one factor that contributes to obesity and over weight yet, there has been a lot of discussions about the lack of attention to medications and obesity prevention that can also be a significant factor which leads to obesity and later on to diabetes (Amiri, Ghofranipour, Ahmadi & Hossein et al., 2009). This essay will be divided into two themes which will talk about the existing evidence that obesity is the major cause of diabetes type 2. The second theme will discuss about the studies where it would look at the negative as well as the positive factors that will affect the possible prevention of diabetes by using placebo to people who are overweight and obese.
There are a lot strong evidence that suggests obesity is associated with diabetes. The studies that Mokdad, Ford, Bowman, Dietz, & Vinicor et al., (2003) and Knowler, Pettitt, Savage & Bennett (1998) did were both focusing on obesity that leads to Diabetes type 2. Every year type 2 diabetes in both adults and adolence are getting serious and becoming one of the most costly disease as it is not cureable and needs constant medications (American Diabetes Association, 2013). Morkdad et al., (2003) have ...

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...y that may affect the proper representation of the general population. African-American, Hispanic and Native American has greater risk of being obese or having diabetes type 2 than other ethnicity (Goran, Geoff & Cruz, 2013).
In conclusion, because of the strong association of diabetes and obesity the risk factors can be a huge epidemic that is an urgent priority. Two of the studies shows that obesity and diabetes are continuing to increase in all ages, both sexes, and all races. Although diabetes type 2 is uncurable, both diabetes and obesity are preventable for both adult and adolecence by healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. The use of orlistat or placebo has been a big help to reduce weight loss and to maintain glucose tolerance level. All the studies above relates and establishes a strong connection between obesity and weight loss in diabetes type 2.

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