Obesity : A Long Term Problem Essay

Obesity : A Long Term Problem Essay

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Most people assume, if we eat healthy and exercise, we will have acceptable fitness. In yet over half of Americans are obese. To determine why our country is becoming increasingly overweight, we have to look at the term healthy. It is clear to see that America is steering away from a healthy lifestyle, and moving towards a sedentary one. Obesity is proving to be a long-term problem. It is time to change the way our society views healthy.
The direct opposite of healthy is being obese. One way to solve the obesity epidemic is to contemplate the true meaning of health in terms of nutrition. By finding what makes people obese, we can discover the authenticity of healthy. Whether that be discovering the way people eat or what’s in our food. Defining healthy can be a difficult task. It’s hard to stay on track when explaining its definition. The term healthy can go in many directions. Healthy, in my opinion, is proper nutrition, positive emotions, and an active lifestyle. The challenge is to properly elaborate on those three interpretations.
The health craze is sweeping across the nation. It seems like everyone is trying to change their diets into healthier ones. Vegan and gluten-free diets are on every menu. Yet again, our country is trying to make an effort at fighting obesity. Our bodies are meant to take in natural ingredients, but does the vegan diet have the right idea when it comes to being healthy. Like most diets, it depends on what the person eats. A vegan diet has health benefits, but it is no answer to the obesity epidemic (Lynch 1-6).
Nowadays people are told to eat healthy. That consists of maintaining a balanced diet, along with getting recommended vitamins. In a lot of cases that does not help with leading a healthy...

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... being thankful and showing appreciation for inner well-being. All positive emotions are important in experiencing a healthy lifestyle.
Continuing on from positive emotions is an active lifestyle. It is the smallest part of being healthy. It also is the most important. An active lifestyle is the glue that holds a healthy life together. Exercising gives off positive emotions and plays a leading role in proper nutrition. Being active means taking 30-60 minutes out of your day. For doing something so small, it gives the power of happy life. That is something everyone should think of.
Everything comes together in the end. All outlooks on defining healthy have three common principles. They are proper nutrition, positive emotions, and an active lifestyle. Throughout time some of those principles will outway the others. When they are balanced, they lead to a healthy life.

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