Obesity : A Growing Plague Essay example

Obesity : A Growing Plague Essay example

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Obesity: A Growing Plague
In the year 2010, the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was released. In the film, Australian native Joe Cross has realized that his health is worsening very fast. So Cross finally decides that he will turn his life around by taking an extreme diet that will deprive him of macronutrients for 60 days. Macronutrients are nutrients found in foods other than fruits and vegetables. Micronutrients are those nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Micronutrients provide minerals such as Vitamin A, Iodine, Iron, Folate, and Zinc. While the body does not need these in large amounts, they are essential to the body because they help develop disease prevention and promote well-being. Micronutrients are important to include in a diet because the body does not naturally produce them. Macronutrients, on the other hand, provide energy and calories. However, when the body eats to many macronutrients it will begin to store them and this leads to obesity. Micronutrients are also more filling than macronutrients. So when a person consumes 400 calories in micronutrients they will feel more full than a person who consumed 400 calories in macronutrients. In the documentary, specialists in nutrition explain that a typical American plate is 50% meat, 25% over-cooked vegetable, and 25% carbohydrates. This is a gross imbalance of healthy meal. This is one the traceable causes of obesity as the American diet has deteriorated. Cross continues his fast and finally completes his 60 days of juice fasting. After Cross returned home, he received a call from a man he had met along the way. This man was Phil Staples, an obese man from Iowa who was seeking help from Cross to turn his life around. Cross returned stateside to give hi...

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...s. By adopting a healthy lifestyle where one is both active and eating a healthy diet, anyone can avoid the growing plague of obesity.
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