Obesity : A Growing Phenomenon For Physical Education Essay

Obesity : A Growing Phenomenon For Physical Education Essay

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Obesity is the condition of being grossly overweight. For the past decade, child obesity had been stable 17%, affecting 12.7 million children ages 2-19 years old. An unhealthy lifestyle starts at home Green, Gregory, and Shirley A. Reese. “Childhood Obesity: a growing phenomenon for physical education.” That is where children adopt food choices and portion size taught by their parents. Starting children on fast food at a young age is teaching them that it’s okay to have processed food over fresh food. Parents are not taking responsibility for children’s unhealthy eating habits. The research of Mary Ebierstadt ” Mary Eberstadt Obesity in Children Is a Serious Problem, 2006 argues that while adult obesity can be seen simply as a result of free choice, children’s obesity cannot. Parents need to take responsibility for not only their children’s obesity, but also the health problems that result from it such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Children are being taught to live unhealthy lives. Obesity in children comes with many consequences. Obesity can now be considered a form of child abuse. Parents look for someone else to blame for their actions, school meal programs and activities are taking the hit.
A child’s diet is a big part of teaching children how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Feeding children nothing but the fast food at an early age can set them up for unhealthy nutrition habits for parents who work long days; it is easier for them to get fast food instead of cooking healthy alternative.
With worst consumption of unhealthy food kids are not exercising. No physical activities like playing outside sports or even walking. Most children who are learning bad eating habits and are suffering from obesit...

... middle of paper ...

... happy and healthy lives. With their weight not being problems kids wouldn’t suffer from many disorders like depression, anxiety, medical thoughts. Schools are not to blame schools are helping these kids more than their parents all. The education system has seen this as a major problem and is fighting to put an end to obesity. With 12.7 million children suffering from this decease parents still have not seen this as a major problem instead is still contributing to the issue. Parents need to take responsibly for children not eating healthy, when it comes to eating right parents are the first to teach child molding them into a healthy active lifestyle. With parents not wanting to take the time and responsibly to teach this lesson, it is easier to blame it on two programs that are trying to help to an end to the problem instead of changing how to eat and teach children.

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