Essay about Obesity : A Global Health Problem

Essay about Obesity : A Global Health Problem

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Obesity is increased weight that causes many adverse effects in body. It is a global health problem nowadays. It has increased in both genders, all age groups and extended beyond every racial and socio economic characterization. It can produce many complications like diabetes, heart diseases etc. Different statistical data analysis have shown the prevalence differences but no clear advancement is seen in progress. In 2015, UK government made policy regarding the obesity prevention, cure and management in different races, age groups etc. Possible outcomes from this policy generation were to evaluate and guide the population about this global health problem. Government authorities initiated a campaign to guide people to reduce the intake of carbohydrate and fats in diet. Diet should be well calculated. Regular exercise and low calorie diet will help people to reduce its consequences. Authorities are hopeful about positive outcomes of their strategies regarding obesity. (Campbell)

Obesity means being overweight that is having basal metabolic rate more than 25 and 30 in some cases. Obesity is an important cause of illness and can lead to death due to its vast complications. It is becoming common illness in developing countries due to negligence among populations. It is been under estimated from centuries but now because of its harmful interventions it is being considered by relevant authorities. In 1997, health organization of world recognized it as a major health problem globally. In 20th century obesity is recognized as fatal health problem. Being overweight is considered a major health problem in United Kingdom nowadays. In 2016, obese children were identified as an emergency nationwide. (Dobbs)
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...s proven to be a big trouble in modern world. Many communities are suffering from this uncontrollable problem. Governments of different countries are considering it a dreadful disease with troublesome outcomes and complications. People with different age, sex, belonging from different ethnic groups and race are seen suffering from it. There is no specific inclusion and exclusion criteria with respect to factors involved for causing obesity. In England the prevalence of obesity is very high in adults but children are also observed suffering this. In males, 40% are overweight and 20% are obese in 16 to 75 years. While in women percentage of over weight is lower but higher for obesity. Prevention measures are taken by the authorities and they are hopeful for positive outcomes. The most important thing is awareness among individuals which is still under progress. (Yazdi)

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