Essay about Obamacare Or Against It?

Essay about Obamacare Or Against It?

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For Obamacare or Against it?
Ever since the Obama care act has been in place it has been a controversial opinion on whether it is beneficial to America or harmful. Some Americans say that is is an invasion of our rights in that we are forced to pay for health insurance premiums, on the other hand some say that the equality benefits of it like no previous health issues can affect the premium and free preventative health care are a great benefit that were not offered before through health insurance companies. The advertisement I chose was a girl and a guy standing together and the girl is holding a pack of birth control pills and the text to the side says “Got Insurance? OMG he’s hot I hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control my health insurance covers the pill which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers. I got insurance now you can too. Thanks Obamacare”
The Author of this advertisement was obviously pro Obamacare in making this ad about one of the benefit’s Obamacare did add to health insurance premiums and that’s free preventative services including birth control. Before this was added insurance premiums usually had the usual co pay for both the preventative visits and contraceptives now they are fully covered in hopes to lower health costs by making prevention to health issues or unwanted conception an easy choice when it’s free. This ad is also encouraging the audience to also get health insurance coverage by asking if they have insurance too using a persuasive approach.
In that this is a persuasive approach the target audience is Americans who may not have chose to get insurance after the obamacare act has taken place and by doing that showing off a benefit that they may not have known was...

... middle of paper ...

...e less likely to aquire health issues because of free preventative care the issue now is if they don’t have insurance a lot of serious conditions are bypassed and become terminal because of no health care attention. So this ad is asking do you have insurance and making it known to viewers to stop and think about the options that they have and sort of throw them some short information to peak interest.
This ad brings up a simple resolution to preventative aspect of health care offered by Obamacare and tries to reach its viewers in gaining credibility so that they will choose to carry insurance by a simple dialogue on the add and a picture and a picture says a thousand words in such a simple message. I think that the author not only get viewers interest in the free perks of health insurance but they can lead them to research other issues they may have with the Act.

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