Essay on Obamacare And Its Effects On Health Care

Essay on Obamacare And Its Effects On Health Care

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This is controversial because many Republicans as well as other people around the United States have publicly opposed Obamacare since its initial introduction (Sheth). Clinton wishes to use Obamacare as the framework to a potentially useful and beneficial health care plan. Hillary Clinton also want to enact a policy that will force health care providers to take mental health more seriously (Clinton). She wishes to make mental health on par with physical health because both are just as important. Her platform includes the expansion of medicaid to include everything mental from Alzheimer 's to substance abuse (Clinton). This is a great policy to expand upon because millions of people are just as affected by their mental health as they are by their physical health. Hillary Clinton also wishes to give the opportunity of health care to immigrants regardless of their status (Clinton). This is goal of Clinton is ambitious and controversial since there immigration has been a key point in this election. Clinton herself said this goal of hers was going to be “difficult to administer,” since the disdainful popularity of illegal immigrants (Karlamangla). The prices of prescription drugs have been a topic that the candidates have debated about, specially their ridiculously high prices. Hillary believes the people should import certain prescription drugs as long as they meet the safety guidelines and are FDA approved (Clinton). She is making a valid point because other countries may sell the same prescription drug for a cheaper price, and thus the American companies are abusing their private enterprise to make more money. That is another policy Hillary will try to tackle: corruption, although many say she is corrupted herself, she is trying to...

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...ces. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wish to extend the sale of health insurance across all the states (Gurnon). They wish to do this so the cost of health insurance can decrease; this is a genius plan because it will cause the health insurance companies to compete all over the nation thus reducing their prices; for the betterment of the nation.
Education is a topic of main concern since the 21st century. Now it is up to candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to showcase their beliefs to the American people. Clinton is siding with the younger generation of voter and is asking for their vote. She has pledged to follow the teachings of Bernie Sanders: Clinton has vowed to offer free college tuition to any individual whose parents make less than $125,000 annually (Jackson). This is a great policy for the students of America, but it is met with much opposition.

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