Obamacare And Affordable Healthcare Act Essay

Obamacare And Affordable Healthcare Act Essay

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Just as the dreaded tax deadline date is permanently engraved in the minds of the American people, the deadline to enroll in the government’s new health care plan will be fixed in their memory as well. President Barack Obama designed a universal healthcare program for the people of the United States called the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, or Obamacare. This plan, signed by President Obama, has initiated debate from the moment his pen hit the paper and the arguments for and against the plan have developed on each extreme ends of the spectrum. Liberals have supported Obamacare and its structure while the conservatives have appealed against the plan and argued it is not what is best for Americans. The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act has both benefits and drawbacks, some outweighing the other.
First, discussing the advantages of Obamacare gives a picture of why the health care coverage proposal was implemented on January 1, 2015. The primary reason is that plan provides health care coverage for uninsured Americans. People who have not carried insurance because they were employed part time or their employer opted to not offer it, or simply because it was not affordable, now for the first time have healthcare insurance. “Through a combination of creating the health insurance marketplace and encouraging the states to expand Medicaid, millions of Americans without health insurance now have access to affordable coverage” (The Pros and Cons of ObamaCare, 2013). This is a relief to those who have struggled without the health care they needed because of lack of funds to pay for it. Along with affordability, another attractive advantage to Obamacare, according to Elizabeth ...

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...ce again, bail out the unfortunate is hard to swallow. The poor who could not afford health care did not go to the doctor prior to having insurance, now, with Obamacare, those same people will go to the doctor more often and possibly abuse the system, costing money. In order for health care to be affordable for all people the insurance will have to restrict and offer less coverage. The main reason to not support the Affordable Healthcare Act is that insurance has become a “right, not a privilege” (Rak & Coffin, 2012). Americans can no longer chose whether they want health care insurance or not, and are restricted on what is offered to them. Obamacare is a scary and uncertain plan that hovers over American businesses at a time when our nation has an unstable economy. With so many drawbacks to Obamacare, why would our government implement such a large scale program?

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