Essay about The Obamacare Act

Essay about The Obamacare Act

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ObamaCare Essay

When you think about medical insurance all that run’s through the mind is high expensive medical bills, and not just for yourself if you have a family and must care for children who sometimes could be careless and run into lots of trouble. Then you take trips to the hospitals that lead to big,expensive bills that could make you lose tons of money putting you on the verge of being in debt or going bankrupt. Although that may be true, America has been providing medicare for its citizens the last couple years that help with the coverage of any medical bills, but its not for everyone it was for those who qualified and the qualifications were not easy to amount to. One of many things needed in order to qualify was that family members had to be at a certain level of poverty and make a certain amount of money to be able to receive this help people basically had to be on the verge of death in order to any help from the state. So many were left to pay full medical bills if they could and if not people lost many loved one due to no help.In 2010 new president Barack Obama took place in the oval office and introduced a new policy to the U.S and many other countries referred to as ObamaCare.

What was available before the ObamaCare act was put into action was what we use to call Medicare. Medicare was somewhat like ObamaCare in a sense that it covered some things and qualifying for it was never easy and it covered only a certain age group. Medicare is a health insurance program for people who are 65 years old or older, but also certain younger people with disabilities and people with end stage renal disease. These are just some examples of the things needed to qualify for the old Medicare plan. After Obama took office ...

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...benefits. I am not able to apply for ObamaCare because I had applied for the DACA (Deferred Action For Children Arrivals). Since I am not a full citizen of the United States this new law does not apply to me in any way due to that fact. Even though not being able to apply for ObamaCare, this does not mean I have no means of medical attention, I may still receive it but with not as many great benefits just basic things and also not a great amount of help towards of the payment. This happens to many who have the DACA authorization. The way that ones see’s ObamaCare is in the eye of the beholder because it is debatable between a good and a bad thing.


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