Obama 's Reform Of 2015 Essay

Obama 's Reform Of 2015 Essay

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Two families are both at a maximum sprint. They pant heavily, running away from the horrors that loom behind them. Nearing the end a third group of people jump into the race, determined to stop the two families. As one family is tackled to the ground as the other slinks away quietly without detection. But this no game, these are a group of illegal immigrants and the border patrol and these people have been moving into America unwanted--and their numbers are growing. Recently, Obama has passed the Illegal Immigration Reform of 2015 that granted amnesty to over 4 million illegal immigrants, namely Mexicans to stay here and work cheap labor. There are several fundamental flaws in Obama’s plan. Though with good intention on the president’s behalf I strongly believe that Obama’s Reform of 2015 in America is a setback as it encourages illicit activity, overlaps on the rights of constitutional Americans, and cost taxpayers money.
Illegal activity is something most people are acquainted with, break the laws and you go jail or prison. People who cross the border are committing a crime, one that needs to stop. With Obama’s Reform Act, we are promoting illicit activity as it shows people that the immigrants that are here illegally get to stay regardless of the law. But that is not all, as according to the Washington Post they also contribute crimes as during a 43-month period, 795 aliens were accused of homicide, and 336 were convicted. 561 (71 percent) are attributed to foreign nationals illegally in the country and 234 (29 percent) are attributed to legally present foreign nationals. A breakdown of actual convictions was not immediately available, but assuming the same percentage, that would mean 239 illegal aliens were convicted of murde...

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...eople to break the law by crossing the US border without proper documentation or by overstaying their visas. They should be deported and not rewarded with a path to citizenship and access to social services. People in the country illegally are criminals and social and economic issues to law-abiding, tax-paying Americans. Although we cannot track and remove every single illegal immigrant we can stop Obama from allowing more and more illegal aliens to reside in America. Nowadays, with more than 15 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, the concern of illegal immigration continues to divide Americans as more and more problems have arisen, such as crime and debt. It will continue to be a problem in our country well into the future. By the time you have finished reading this paper, another illegal immigrant will have crossed into America, and we can stop it.

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