Obama Administration's Policy Views on Cybersecurity Essay

Obama Administration's Policy Views on Cybersecurity Essay

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Obama Administration’s Policy Views on Cybersecurity
1.1. Enhancing Resilience
1.2. Reducing Threats
Obama and Bush Administrations
1.3. Bush Administration
1.4. Policy Similarities
1.5. Policy Differences
Recommendations for Improvements
1.6 Cyber Czar Position
1.7 International Organization and joint punishment
Works Cited


The following document will provide information pertaining to presidential administrations both past and present and their respective views on cybersecurity policies. Policies of each administration will be reviewed and summarized, noting actions taken to secure a more resilient, dependable, cyberspace. Additionally, recommendations will be made to enhance the current Obama Administrations policy on digital infrastructure.
Items such as policies, operations and security strategies will be covered, noting key recommendations for reducing, recovering, and improving responses for incidents, threats and vulnerabilities as well as mitigation and deterrence domestically and internationally.
1. Current Administration’s Policy

When President Obama was elected into office, he began working to initiate a 60 day review that would assess the domestic strategy for protecting critical cyber organization.
The review was designed strengthen digital infrastructure and to protect against the most sophisticated attacks and to enhance recovery rate if infiltrated. Additionally, the review highlighted the importance of designing and implementing a set of international standards that would enhance law enforcement jurisdiction and thus, helping to deter any potential threats.
1.1 Enhancing Resilience
Current policies in the...

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