Nutritional Plans For A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

Nutritional Plans For A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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We live in a world that is constantly bounding forward. In that push for innovation, working long hours often overshadows what it takes for a person to maintain a healthy lifestyle. How can we expect to advance as a society if we are not taking care of our own health first? In order to achieve successes beyond what we ever have before, it is necessary for every person to be operating at maximum capacity. Companies that implement nutritional plans and allow their employees to exercise during work hours see improved health of their workers, happier employees, and a spike in business productivity. There is always a presence of the drive to “be better” in business, and this can only be grasped if every individual takes the time to address the basic foundations of their nutritional needs.
When taking a job to work for any business, the nutritional plans or cafeteria food offered is often not the deciding factor. However, it is vitally important for employees to live a healthier lifestyle and thrive in the workplace. Available nutritional plans provided by many larger businesses and corporations include healthier meal options, on site gym memberships and regular checkups that are all necessary resources to sustain health. Kaiser Permanente, a business based in Oakland, California, specializes in offering health plans to all types of people and therefore provides exceptional nutritional attention to its employees. Every week, the company distributes recipes to its employees and customers in order to promote heathy eating. These include alternative healthy meals such as salads, vegetable casserole, and organic snacks. Additionally, for their employees, at least 18% of their cafeteria options everyday are from locally grown farms that guar...

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...appier employees. According to the American Psychological Association, “for employees who are more physically active, job burnout is less likely to develop into depression” and being allowed to exercise at work doesn’t cut into valuable family time at home (APA). The psychological effects that exercise provides for a person are unparalleled in the sense that it grants employees an emotional boost. After working out, people tend to feel better about themselves which stimulates happiness. When a person is happier, especially while at work, performance in their job will escalate far beyond a person who may be depressed or feeling down from a lack of physical activity. In addition, employees who spend more time with their families, instead of cutting out valuable interaction in order to exercise at home, experience stronger emotional relationships with their loved ones.

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