Nutritional And Physical Activity Values Towards An Individual Healthy Living

Nutritional And Physical Activity Values Towards An Individual Healthy Living

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Numerous studies have been conducted on nutritional and physical activity values towards an individual healthy living. As a matter of fact, living a healthy life is a combination of several things, which include good nutrition, regular exercise and positive attitude. By acknowledging healthy living an individuals will be taking care of their body and feel pride of the accomplishments of improving both physical and mental health (Foundation of Independent Living (n.d.). To understand risk reduction, in relation to one health, a “real age” assessment created by Oz and Roizen, was taken to understand and change lifestyle practices. Therefore, this paper will analysis wellness diagnosis, set measurable goals for interventions, and evaluate a clients SMART obtainable goals to help reduce risk in health.
Positive Results
A Real Age Test (Appendix A) was recently completed by one of my nursing classmate and I was able to analyze the results of age diagnosis. JS’s “real age” was estimated to be 16.3 years, which results in a 5.7 life gain compared to her age of 22 years of age. In all, there were many positive attributes to her “real age” (Roizen and Oz, 2013). JS overall has maintained a purpose in life as she is understands her goals in life and that in turn helps her stay positive, as she feels that keeping positive thoughts and feelings keep the body’s various systems in balance. In addition, to these positive practices, JS likes to maintain her fitness with doing a lot of cardio and weight lifting, with a goal of staying in shape, in addition to reduce her stress levels. This is an important positive result’s as, according to the American Heart Association (2015), cardio exercise helps lower blood pressure or cholesterol, and one c...

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...evable, Relevant, and Time-bound, can help ensure the understanding of the goals set by JS (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, n.d.). Therefore, 2 SMART were created, based on the interventions and assessment of JS’s Real Age results, in order to continue the improvement of JS’s overall nutritional health. Both goals will focus on her diet and her enhanced knowledge of nutrition. The first SMART reads “ The client will eat 2 serving of Fruit and 3 servings of Vegetables everyday. Each week add an additional serving of fruits and vegetables until reaching 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.” While the second goals JS will reinforce reads, “the client will eat 2 different colors of the rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Continue to eat different colors of the rainbow until all 5 fruit and vegetable color eaten daily to enhance knowledge of health benefit.”

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