Nutrition Project: Diverticular Disease Essay

Nutrition Project: Diverticular Disease Essay

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Diverticular disease is a disease that is caused by the low amount of fiber consumption, straining of bowel movements, and constipation that occurs over a long period of time (Peaston). The straining of bowel movements can cause small pouches or sacs called diverticula to form, which is called colonic diverticulosis. A person is not diagnosed with diverticular disease when diverticula forms in their colon, but when the diverticula causes lower abdominal pain (Peaston). 10 to 25 percent of Americans who are diagnosed with diverticular disease developed diverticulitis, a more serious stage of diverticular disease (Meerscharet). Diverticulitis occurs when the diverticula is infected by bacteria or is inflamed and requires immediate medical surgery (Peaston).
According to Jill Peaston, the diverticula normally forms in the weak areas of the lining of the bowel or according to Meerschaert, the colon wall. When one experiences constipation, this causes the colon wall or lining of the intestines to strain. According to Meerscharet, diverticular disease was first discovered in the United States where it is common to have low amounts of fiber in one’s diet. Meerscharet also exclaims that diverticular disease is rare in countries such as Asia and Africa because residents of those countries eat high amounts of fiber in their diets. The amount of fiber that one consumes can determine whether or not they will develop diverticular disease.
Diverticular disease is a common intestinal disease (Tufts University) which Americans have a high risk of getting due to the low amount fiber in their diets. Without enough fiber in one’s diet, there can be difficulty in releasing excrement from the body. Not only does low consumption of fiber lead to di...

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...rams for men (Meerscharet).
Below I have provided a seven day meal plan that focuses on foods that are high in fiber and total to 1,500 calories per day.

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