Nutrition Is The Study Of Food And The Nutrients Essay

Nutrition Is The Study Of Food And The Nutrients Essay

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Question One:
Nutrition is the study of food and the nutrients we need to live a long healthy life, it gives you a better understanding of what to eat and how those foods effect your body. With that being said, there is a difference in just eating, and eating healthy. Eating healthy means that you balance your time so that you don’t eat too late or too early. Then, you provide yourself with a variety of different foods and activities to avoid mindless eating or getting bored of a certain food and begin to no longer crave that food. And lastly, to eat in moderation this means to eat to ensure that you do not over eat. To better explain this, there are five key principles to healthy eating.
(1) Healthy eating means Balance between food groups: This means eating healthy proportions of all nutrients. A diet that lacks balance can cause undernutrition. This is caused by eating too many carbohydrates and fat (such as bread, muffins, chips, cookies, crackers), and too little protein, vitamins, and minerals (Legumes, vegetables, cereals, fruit, meat, dairy groups (milk)). If a lack of protein, vitamins, and minerals continues for a time, then you will suffer from malnutrition. Maintaining a balanced diet also prevents from overnutrition, meaning consuming to much fat and kilocalories, leading too overweight and obesity. Maintaining a balanced diet (receiving all your essential nutrients) is important to avoid nutrient deficiencies and chronic disease.
(2) Healthy eating means consuming a variety of foods: this helps to improve the quality of your diet because the more variety and choices you have, the better chance you have of consuming and receiving all your essential nutrients. This is because not one food or food group contains eve...

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... builders have this, but your everyday athletes do to be able to play the sports they love, such as cheerleaders they use this to hold one another up in the air for stunts.
(4) Flexibility: Includes the range of motion of a joint provided through stretching. Athletic, joint, and muscular performance are all improved with flexibility, reducing the risk of injury.
(5) Lastly, Body Composition: Includes the proportion of muscle, fat, water, and other tissues in the body, making up the total body weight. However, body composition can change without a change in body weight. This is because muscle takes up less space per pound than body fat, resulting in the reason why many can lose inches without losing weight. Unfortunately, body fat does not turn into muscle nor does muscle turn into fat; however, both can be lost with weight loss or increased with weight gain.

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