Nutrition is Right for Everyone Essay

Nutrition is Right for Everyone Essay

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Food is a necessary part of life. Animals, plants and other organisms take in food substances and process the nutrients within their bodies. Without food humans lose energy, concentration, and control of their bodies. While plants don’t have many options when it comes to food, humans have so many options that it is sometimes hard to make good healthy decisions when it comes to nutrition. In order to receive proper nutrition, it is important for children to receive three healthy and balanced meals a day. While most parents insist upon their child eating breakfast in the morning and a healthy dinner at night, parents cannot control what their child eats at school. There are so many choices in school cafeterias that some children may feel overwhelmed, which causes them to choose unhealthy, but familiar snacks. School lunches provide important nutrition to students, especially to kids that skip breakfast or do not have the means to eat meals at home, which is why there should be healthier choices.
Most school cafeterias run the same way. The children shuffle through the lunch lines as they choose a carton of milk. They are offered an entrée and a vegetable and maybe even a fruit. They proceed to the checkout line where they pay for the meal, but wait. Along the checkout line is a display. There are bags of chips and fresh baked cookies and ice cream bars. While they might think that they have an idea, parents don’t know what their children eat during the school day. If a mother gives her son a five-dollar bill and tells him to use the change he receives to buy his lunch the next day, he will probably be tempted to buy an unhealthy treat instead.
Another option that the boy has is to skip lunch altogether and just buy...

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...of the future.

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