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Nutrition Education for Children Essay

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The obesity epidemic is an increasing problem in America, and too many people just let it pass by. School menus in the United States particularly need to be updated so our youth can have a healthier future. Most schools have fast food restaurants in their cafeteria, which is one reason for a rise in obesity. People are not caring about what they use as brain food, when in reality, choosing the right food to eat during school can help improve attention spans and grades. Out of 116 schools, 106 had vending machines full of junk food (Pasch). There are many ways to help eliminate some of this bad nutrition and have a healthier generation. “In 2012, the fast-food industry spent $4.6 billion to advertise mostly unhealthy products—and children and teens remained key audiences for that advertising” (“Fast Food Companies”). The producers know how to make teens want fast food, but schools and parents need to teach their children a healthier way to benefit their future. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has made a goal to “…reverse the childhood obesity epidemic by 2015 by improving access to affordable healthy foods and increasing opportunities for physical activity in schools and communities across the nation” (“Fast Food Companies”) . Everyone needs to be aware and educated on the types of foods that are available. While it is true that fast food restaurants in school cafeterias is targeted toward teens, having healthier options would greatly benefit the community, for example, have a nutritional class while in school and planting gardens around campus.
Making a nutritional class required to graduate high school would help the students become more aware of being healthy, and to help the students make better food choices that fuel the...

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