Essay on Nutrition Assignment : Healthy Eating

Essay on Nutrition Assignment : Healthy Eating

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Nutrition Assignment
Healthy eating is vital, good food make people live a healthier life but unfortunately not everyone eats healthy daily or keep track of their healthy eating. This assignment is to help students keep track of the foods and drinks they consume daily, and what kind of food nutrients they are missing or completely having based on their food or drink intake. Another purpose for this assignment is also help students to become aware of what kind of diseases they might likely be risk at and what cautious steps they might take to either prevent or deal with the issue.
According to my dietary analysis, some of my dietary strengths are protein, carbohydrate, and vitamin C. The food I eat on most days contain good amount of protein, if I continue on eating food with good protein I should not worry about missing on healthy protein. Carbohydrate, I try not to eat too much bread or rice which helps me consume less carb on most days. Vitamin C, I get most of it from fruits or orange juice, however the better option would be to drink an orange juice with no added sugar.
According to my dietary analysis, the weaknesses of my diet are added sugars, saturated fats, and cholesterol. Added sugars, it is not healthy and it adds more calories to my diet. Added sugars are also risky, because it may add the risks of heart disease. Saturated fats, like added sugars it does not do any good to the body. Saturated fats might also contribute to heart disease, but now that I am aware of too much of it in my diet I will cut it down to a minimum. Cholesterol, most of the food I eat are high in cholesterol but after seeing my nutrient analysis that will not be the case anymore. Foods that are high in cholesterol are not safe, and it affects ...

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...od and drinking drinks that is slowing damaging my body and health. I will start with throwing the junk food I keep in the refrigerator, from there I will start buying food that are healthy. Instead of buying junk food at places like MacDonald, I will avoid taking the road that will lead me there. I will try and stop complaining about how I dislike working out, and force myself to workout at least three times a week. I will try and cut out my overeating habit as well, I will start eating my meals in small size portions. One of my new habits from now on is, I will start keeping a journal, where I will write about my progress of heathy eating, drinking, and regular exercise. Whenever I start falling back to my bad habits, I will make sure to read the journal and my dietary analysis from this assignment as reminder of why I should not go back to damaging my health.

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