Essay about The Nurturing Cirriculum for Socio-Emotional Development

Essay about The Nurturing Cirriculum for Socio-Emotional Development

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This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a Nurturing curriculum in childhood socio-emotional development. The Nurturing Curriculum targets emotional and social behaviors intended to improve self concept and esteem, empathy, negotiation skills, problem solving and resolution, as well as communication. Of the dimensions related to academic processed (physical well-being and motor development; social and emotional development; cognitive style approaches to learning; language development; and cognition and general knowledge (Kagan, Moore, & Bredekamp, 1995, cited in Vespo, Capece, Behforooz, 2006). ) This study was focused around social and emotional development. Research done by Raver (2002, cited in Vespo, Capece, Behforooz, 2006) confirmed and connection between academic performance and emotional development.


Subjects that participated in this study were 8 classes of Kindergarten Teachers and students from two an undisclosed inner-city school in the north eastern region of the United Sates. Although inner city the schools had a reasonable ratio of ethnic groups; approximately 55% white, 29% African American, 11% Hispanic, and 4% Asian. Using Chapter 1 of our test book I would categorize this study as a case study. I consider this a case study because it was a description of careful observation of a psychological test. In order to prepare the teachers for the new style of curriculum they all were asked to attend a two day workshop at the Family Nurturing Center of Central NY, Inc. The children were taught based on the 71 lesson curriculum. The curriculum focused on self-image and awareness, empathy, correct peer interaction, communication skills, and proper expressi...

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...orted the original assumption that having the Nurturing curriculum in the class room does in fact improve the social and emotional behaviors. If all teachers and parents could focus, not only on education, but, the cultivation of proper social skills and self worth children could grow up with higher aspirations for themselves. I am not implying that this method is a cure all, but having research done to show that there are better more all inclusive ways of teaching is a positive thing. I see the implications of this research (and others like it) one day changing the way that schools are viewed. One day school won’t be a place simply to make children smart, but to make them well rounded educated adults. The focus should always be on their possible contribution to society as adults, and learning how to plant the seed young appears to be the best way to go

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