Nurturing Aattitudes for Records Management in Malaysian Financial Institutions

Nurturing Aattitudes for Records Management in Malaysian Financial Institutions

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This article was discuss about Nurturing attitudes for records management in Malaysian financial institutions. In this record management it review to find out about financial institutions in Malaysia compare with the relevant Acts and Regulations covering them. Beside that , this article issue make to identify the financial institution develop appropriate and suitable thing about record management . The purpose of this article is to find out the differences financial institutions that follow with the identified Acts and Regulations. Furthermore the article included about organization can try to understand the language used through the Acts and Regulations. Beside the surveyed institutions can accept the right attitudes through record management.

I was attracted to this article written by Zawiyah Mohammad Yusuf because I think records management in Malaysia have to follow with the relevant Acts and Regulations . Every organizations have to understand why they have to record management in company. Beside that records management is important thing to be as proof that transactions have take place whether records management can help to prevent past mistake . Furthermore, through record management every company can contains in records can be readily retrieved.

This article tell that all organisations are expected to create and retain records as a result of their activities and its can be as proof for that transactions have taken place. Besides that, in the the content that tell that financial institutions in Malaysia that provide for creating and retaining records stated in several Acts and Regulations. Through this article we can know what the information about the organizations business records. Lack of that, many companies ha...

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...ogramme. The respondents know about records Management their function of record and the effects of records. On institutions to understand the language used in legal. Beside that, some organize tell that wants to be compare from each other for their decisions and strategic planning.

From that problem, records management become more effiency most organisations regard of records managements programmer as a essential activity. This article show that ten organisation surveyed to aware for Acts and Regulations to recordkeeping and important to help National Achieves Malaysia Manage or consistent through Act and Regulative.

Works Cited

Zawiyah Mohammad Yusof. (April, 2009). Nurtuirng attitudes for records management in Malaysian financial institutions. Retrieved 29 Disember , 2013, from Record Journal:

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