Nursing Working Environment : Patient Satisfaction Essay

Nursing Working Environment : Patient Satisfaction Essay

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HCAHPS and Nursing Working Environment
Patient satisfaction is a key element in improving the quality of health care services. It became the core value of most of health care organizations. Furthermore, patient satisfaction is a critical element for how well patients perform, as well as a clear link between patient outcomes and patient satisfaction scores was identified especially after the public release of data from the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey. There are many factors that play a major role in achieving patient satisfaction, one of them is nursing care. This paper describes the relationship between HCAHPS and nursing work environment.
Patient satisfaction has been associated in the research literature with different nursing factors, but until recent economic changes in terms of payment incentives, many hospitals did not consider it as a priority. Studies have linked patient satisfaction with nurse-staffing levels, higher proportions of registered nurse (RN) skill-mix, nurses’ work environment, and RN-physician collaboration, (Aiken et al,2008). This research paper includes the first study which was conducted to examine the contribution and the relationship of nurses’ work environments to patient satisfaction using national HCAHPS data. The results found out from this study provided an evidence to help and guide institutions in prioritizing interventions that could greatly impact patient satisfaction in relation to nursing work environment particularly in a positive way.
Poor Work Environment
Work environment plays a major role in the ability to provide best quality of care. The atmosphere of the work environment is critically significant for both patients and nurses. It dee...

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...their jobs which is cost effective as well as patients will be exposed to less anxiety level from meeting new nurses every hospital visit. By sustaining these two strategies, the positive outcome for both health care organization and patient satisfaction and safety will be met at the higher level.
Hospitals should integrate such study findings into their evaluation of health services provided by of course utilizing patient satisfaction surveys to analyze causes of the dissatisfaction and improve the quality of care in a costly manner.
In conclusion, satisfaction is a key element in any health care organization for both patients and nurses. There is a clear relationship between the nurse work environment and HCAHPS. This problem should be addressed at a broader way to explore more causes and try to come up with the best solutions to improve the quality of care.

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