Essay on The Nursing Theory : Nightingale 's Environment Theory

Essay on The Nursing Theory : Nightingale 's Environment Theory

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Whether an individual is a nurse, physician, or has a career in a different healthcare profession they will come across an opportunity to improve the health of other individuals. Over the years, nurses have taken the opportunity to create theories that help guide the practice of nursing (Petiprin, 2016). There are various nursing theory, but the one that is most relevant to Kangaroo Mother Care is Florence Nightingale’s theory, known as Nightingale’s Environment Theory. This paper will help identify the nursing theory, discuss supportive evidence- based practice regarding the theory, identify the predictions made about the theory, and explain how the nursing theory is used to support the change project.
Identifying the Nursing Theory
Nightingale’s Environment Theory focuses on the idea of manipulating the environment in order to actually see an affect in the patient’s health (Petiprin, 2016). According to Petiprin, there are seven assumptions that were made to help identify the issue preventing good health. These assumptions are natural laws, mankind can achieve perfection, nursing is a calling, nursing is an art, and science, nursing is achieved through environmental alteration, nursing requires a specific educational base, and nursing is distinct and separate from medicine (Petiprin, 2016). There are also 10 major concepts of the theory, but only ventilations and warming, lights and noise, bedding, and food play a role in KMA. Using these assumptions and concepts will encourage change, and health will be improved. The changes made are proven by the use of evidence- based practice, and with Kangaroo Mother Care, the assumption of environmental alterations was used.

Evidence- Based Practice
Nightingale’s Environmental Theory ...

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...e their growth/ weight (Cleveland et al., 2016). This nursing theory supports the change project because Kangaroo Mother Care is dependent on the change of environment. The theory is based off changing the environment, even if it is as simple as altering from mother to father during KMC. Doing this provides two different types of environments that cause a different stimulations which are beneficial to the infant (Cleveland et al., 2016).
Throughout every nurse’s career, he or she will come across an issue relating to their patient’s health. These issues can be addressed with the help of the various nursing theories available. Nightingale’s Environmental Theory supports the change project of improving preterm infant’s health in a variety of ways. The changes made are beneficial, therefore, KMC should be implemented with the help of this particular nursing theory.

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