Nursing Theory Analysis : Watson 's Caring Model Essay

Nursing Theory Analysis : Watson 's Caring Model Essay

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Nursing Theory Analysis: Watson’s Caring Model
The theory of human care or the Jean Watson’s Caring Model, as the name suggests, was a nursing theory that was developed by Dr. Jean Watson, a professor of nursing in the University of Colorado (Watson, J., 2014). It is quite apparent that Dr. Watson’s education played a significant and important part in the development of her human caring theory. Being educated both in Nursing and Psychology, Dr. Watson was able to apply her knowledge in the field of mental health and human emotions to the nursing profession. According to her biographical information, she earned both her nursing and psychology degrees in the University of Colorado in the 1960s (Cara, C., n.d.). She went on to master in psychiatric-mental health nursing and, according to sources, pursued her doctorate in educational psychology and counseling also in the University of Colorado in 1973 (Cara, C., n.d.). Dr. Watson became a professor and. later on, a dean of Nursing in the University of Colorado (Current Nursing, 2012). She is also considered as the founder of the Center for Human Caring in Colorado and also a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (Cara, C., n.d.; Current Nursing, 2012). Dr. Watson’s prolific contribution to the field of Nursing, most especially her caring theory, earned her international acclaim and recognition.
Background of Jean Watson’s Caring Model
Development of Jean Watson’s Caring Model
Dr. Watson’s caring theory was developed between 1975 and 1979 while she was teaching nursing in the University of Colorado (Watson, J., 2014). Accordingly, the theory emerged as a product of her views of the nursing profession and her studies in clinical and social psychology (Watson, J., 2014). Out of he...

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...the spirit or soul of the other through the processes of caring and healing and being in authentic relation in the moment” (Watson, J., 2014). According to Watson, the energetic personality of the nurse as well as the nurse’s genuine intention to care for his or her patient is what is meant by transpersonal caring relationship (Watson, J., 2014). Watson emphasizes the importance of going beyond the physical self or the ego and connecting with the spiritual aspect of the patient as well as co-workers. This concept implies that despite the patients’ physical state, the nurse should view them as whole because he or she is supposed to look into the patients’ inner self. For the same reason, the nurse should treat the person with respect, love and compassion knowing that he or she is dealing with a spiritually whole and complete person regardless of their diseases.

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