Nursing Theories Are Necessary For Nursing Education Essay

Nursing Theories Are Necessary For Nursing Education Essay

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Nursing theories are necessary for nursing education, and nursing practice. However, current theories are unrealistic and inapplicable in nursing practice. Thus, some researcher proposed applicable nursing theories such as a theory that practice-based on nursing education, Kolb’s experiential learning theory, and utilization of the Henderson’s nursing theory for childbirth education. Researcher have developed the nursing theories but still need to examine for more appropriate the theories.
Nursing theories are critical for education and practice. The theories suppose to provide a foundation for general knowledge and assist in practice. Thus, healthcare professionals, managers, and patients recognize the unique healthcare service. However, nursing theories have been mystifying and confusing to use for nursing practice. Colley, S. (2003) argued that nursing theories bewildered nurses. Nurses were difficult to understand, and difficult to apply in practice (Colley S., 2003). Even though, nursing theories are necessary to decide for future studies in health care service, the no relevant ideas are less meaningful. Thus, theories should be understandable, and the knowledge needs applicable in the practice. Colley, S. (2003) asserted the gap between the nursing theories and the healthcare service has arisen because some theories derived from other disciplines such as psychology and sociology (Colley S., 2003). The applying the knowledge from different disciplines merely diminishes functions of nursing practice. Also, the theory language is ambiguous and vague. Each author used different terminology depends on he/she’s perspective. The unclear language causes nurses neglect the principles. Therefore, nursing theories should provide an ...

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...2012). Currently, advances in medical technologies, and incredible changes in nursing practice with expanded nurses ' roles, individual relations, and staffing. Thus, modern trends in nursing theory development refer to currently dominant tendencies. Therefore, Evaluating of the current tendency could provide some understandings on what has occurred with nursing theories and what could presume in the future.
In order to develop nursing theory, the nursing journals and nurse educators need to make the promotion of nursing theory and priority. Eventually, it is the responsibility of each nurse desire to an understanding of nursing theory, which provides nurses with foundations for professional practice. Also, The government and the health service should encourage the use of alternative research techniques and nurses should push for the development of these techniques.

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