Nursing Theories And Its Impact On Nursing Essay

Nursing Theories And Its Impact On Nursing Essay

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Nursing practice, research, and theories have a great impact on nursing in general since they help to frame health care policy and caring for the sick. It is very important that nurses continue to use a wide variety of research and theories so as to have an impact on the health of individuals. Moreover, scientific research helps one to recognize when the patients are improving, getting worse whether it would be acutely or chronically ill patients.
It is very important to understand how nursing theories are developed and applied to the practice of nursing. In order for a theory to develop, it must be researched so as to gather information based on the facts, that information is then tested and proven. The same goes for nursing theories, for example, Florence Nightingale developed her theories through research from another discipline along with her nursing knowledge to form theories. Research, practice, and theory are all related and interdependent in nursing. In research, the information is gathered whether, through interviews, observations, recordings or it could be combinations of all three. The researcher then analyzed and categorized this information. The information is then tested, interpreted and analyzed and develop into theories. For example, if patients are always getting an infection after insertion of a urinary catheter, a clinical research would be done to see why this is happening. After the
research is done and tested and implemented and then form a theory and put into practice.
Research and nursing theory are very important for the profession for the mere fact that it helps to enhance the quality of patient care and eliminate unsafe practices. The belief was putting water into a patient’s tracheostomy tube would a...

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...ant to relay this information in a way so that Isabel does not felt like she is a bad mother. It is also important to educate her the importance of infection control. For example, the cat litter box should be kept inside the bathroom so as to prevent the children from coming in contact with cat feces. It is also important to educate Isabel about the different programs out there that she could enroll in to get different assistance, for example, she could enroll in a program so as to get an air conditioner for her apartment since it is unhealthy for the mother and children to repeatedly breathe in their own air (Wayne, 2014).
Evidence-based practice shows the environmental theory of Nightingale especially when it comes to infection control is the number one priority for a patient to fully recovery which makes her theory still in effect and relevant in nursing today.

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