Essay on Nursing Staffing : The Nurse Staffing

Essay on Nursing Staffing : The Nurse Staffing

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• In 2002 it was reported that with each patient added to a nurses’ workload, there was a seven percent increase associated with mortality after common surgeries (Aiken, Sloane, Cimiotti, Clarke, Flynn, Seago, Spetz, & Smith, 2010).
• As nursing workload increases there is a higher increase associated with burnout and discontentment with one’s job and precursors of voluntary turnover (Aiken, et al., 2010).
• It was found that the hospitals that began with the worst staffing ratios had greater decreases in mortality rates that are associated with increased nursing staffing ratios (Aiken, et al., 2010).
• In California, it was found that nurses with smaller workloads had better evaluations for their work environment (Aiken, et al., 2010).
• After the nurse staffing mandate in California was put in place, it was found that 74% of staff nurses, 68% of front-line nurse managers or assistant nurse managers, and 62% of mid- or executive-level nursing administrators concurred that the quality of care in hospitals increased due to the legislation (Aiken, et al., 2010).
• Nurses who are part of the hospitals that are poorer staffed are more likely to report that due to their workload they are more likely to miss a change in the status of their patient (Aiken, et al., 2010).
• Nurses from hospitals that are poorer staffed have notably higher odds than nurses in the hospitals that are better staffed of expressing little or no confidence that their patients will be able to effectively manage their care once they are discharged (Aiken, et al., 2010).
• Research shows that this legislation has brought fewer cases verbal abuse, fewer complaints reported from patients and families, as well as better outcomes overall for patients (Aiken, et a...

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...o nurses. This type of power is attained through the admiration and respect from others (Abood, 2007). Nurses have been ranked number one as far as public respect (Abood, 2007). This being said the public places their trust within the nursing profession to improve what might be failing in the health care system (Abood, 2007). This places nurses in a position to encourage change towards public policy and influence the people in the position that make decisions that alter the lives of the people that are served through the profession (Abood, 2007). Nurses must take an active role in pushing an agenda that requires quality health care for the people (Abood, 2007). When acting as an advocate, referent power is a strong asset to use (Abood, 2007). This type of power acts to open the door to many offices, such as those of power brokers and decision makers (Abood, 2007).

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