Essay on Nursing Staff : An Increase Patient Safety And Patient Outcomes

Essay on Nursing Staff : An Increase Patient Safety And Patient Outcomes

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An Increase in Nursing Staff Provides an Increase in Patient Safety and a Reduction in Errors
Inadequate nursing staff is detrimental to patient care and safety. A Federal Government study predicts that hospital nursing vacancies will reach 800,000, or 29 percent, by 2020. The number of nurses is expected to grow by only 6 percent by 2020, while demand for nursing care is expected to grow by 40 percent ( This is one of the factors that contribute to a decrease in nurse staffing. With low staffing levels, comes an increase in patient falls and in increase in medication errors. For these reasons, action must be taken now to avoid these adverse effects. A solution includes increasing nursing staff. This will provide the opportunity to increase rounding and prevent patient falls. With an increase in staffing, comes an increase in safety of medication distribution to patients. A change in nurse to patient ratio will increase patient safety and patient outcomes and also have an impact on nurse retention. A study was completed on 11 hospitals, over a 10 quarter period and a significant relationship was found between having an inadequate number of registered nurses and an increase in patient falls and reduction in medication errors (Frith & Faye, 2012).
Change Model Overview
The Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Process is a critical process, which is a key part of nursing success in the use of evidence-based research. Nurses should be using this model as a guide to facilitate change in a thought provoking, evidence-based way to provide the best of patient care. The first five steps of the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-based Practice Process consist of, recruiting an interprofessional team, developing and ref...

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... quarterly town hall meetings directed by the team lead and CNO. In addition, when falls and medication errors happen we will have an individual questionnaire that will be filled out by the nurse. The questions on the form will relate to why they think the fall happened, or what was an initiating factor in the medication error. These findings will be assessed each quarter by the same team.
Step 18: Disseminate Findings
Internally, we will disseminate findings by way of an employee newsletter. In addition, we will have quarterly face to face meetings in the town hall meeting and Power Point presentation. The initial PowerPoint presentation will be completed on May 8, 2016. The outcome will be shared will all nurses, including all employees. Externally, we will provide information in employee newsletter format to other units, in addition to the town hall meeting.

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