Nursing Researching: Improving The Health Care Service

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Research is the systematic process of obtaining the authentic answers to significant and relevant questions by adopting the scientific method of gathering understanding information. In the case of Nursing Research, we identify evolution in modern knowledge, progress in education and professional growth, and usage of resources efficiently. This research mainly intended to develop the awareness to extend possible good health over life span on an individual. Proposed to improve effective response of the persons with disabilities towards actual potential health problems. Research Utilization is an analytic process of using the information resulted from a research and utilizing it effectively to whether the research findings help in improving the health care. Typically Research Utilization takes place at the following three stages. 1. Instrumental utilization: Application of the definite knowledge gained from research to change practice. 2. Conceptual utilization which refers to the usage of findings to enhance one’s understanding of a problem or issue in nursing. 3. Symbolic utilization which is the use of evidence to change minds of other people, usually decision makers. However, the Evidence based practice refers to research findings, quality improvement facts, methods of data evaluation, and professional’s suggestion to identify methods to improve the process. Typically, Evidence-based practice is used to connect the gap between the research being conducted and the existing practice. In the search and process of improvement, of Evidence-based practice challenges the nurses to emphasis on question “why” behind existing methods and determines the interrelationship of nursing research to practice. This level of importance on quality care based on evidence and research results in the increased focus in all areas of health care. Though there are various explanations proposed on quantitative research, yet (Aliaga, 2002) describe it as ‘explaining a phenomenon by gathering quantitative (numerical) data that are analyzed using mathematically based methods like statistics’. There is a common misconception that quantitative data does not require any data inputs as that is naturally available in quantitative form. However, Non-quantitative data (such as people beliefs and/or attitudes) can be converted into quantitative form by using measurement instruments and rating scales such as Likert scales etc. According to (Vogelgesang, 2000) and Astin, the quantitative study selected to study is, “Comparing the effects of Community Service and Service-Learning”. Astin has conducted several studies on different facts of higher education. In this particular study they specially focused on service in higher education. From the positive point of view, these researchers provided an outsider’s point of view and did not interact with the subjects that are being studied.
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