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Nursing Research Study Summary Essay

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Nursing Research Study Summary
There are six levels of violence identified among registered nurses including psychological, physical, vertical, horizontal, covert, and overt. The article research by this author was found in the Nursing Forum Journal, titled Levels of violence among nurses in Cape Town public hospitals (Khalil, 2009). Nursing research was done to identify and understand why the nursing profession lets violence happen among nurses within the profession.
Violence among nurses is a culture that has been created and tolerated. This behavior affects team work and peer relationships in the nursing profession. According to Khalil (2009) the violence includes bullying, verbal abuse, gossiping, marginalization, public humiliation, failure to respect other nurses’, privacy, lack of support, being threatened, coerced, forced to keep silent, scapegoating, backstabbing, or negative criticisms. This study shows that lack of effective communication, lack of respect, and lack of anger management training. The author of the study chose the rural community of Cape Town in South Africa in the hospital setting to “understand the culture of nursing that permits violence to occur within the profession” (Khalil, 2009). The acceptance of the unprofessional practices that continue to plague nursing, as evidenced by the statistics in this study, show there is a great need for training and a new mindset. Khalil uses a qualitative approach to determine the experiences by nurses using close ended questions and then analyzing the answers. Findings from this qualitative study can show an understanding of a phenomenon in a nurse-nurse violence and is not generalized in the same way as a quantitative study (Burns, Grove, & Grey, 2...

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...ciation anger is a normal human emotion but when it gets out of control is when it turns destructive (Controlling, n.d.). Teaching and managing anger in constructive ways can improve attitudes and the profession of nursing.

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