Nursing Quality Of The Intensive Nurse During The Treatment Of Pressure Ulcers

Nursing Quality Of The Intensive Nurse During The Treatment Of Pressure Ulcers

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Fundamental care
Practice of the intensive nurse in the treatment of pressure ulcers


The objectives of the study were to analyze the nursing quality of work and performance in the intensive therapy unit on the subject of pressure ulcer treatment. The occurrence of pressure ulcers in a hospital setting is common and considered a complication. Pressure ulcers occur when a region of skin and the tissues below that region receive an impaired blood supply due to being placed under prolonged pressure, which cause damage to the skin. Any type of patient, at any age, is considered to be at risk of forming pressure ulcers if they have risk factors such as the inability to turn and reposition themselves, substantial cognitive impairment, limited mobility, and nutritional deficiency.

Background of Study.
A national study demonstrates that the worldwide incidence of pressure ulcers in a hospital environment ranges from 2.7 to 29%, in intensive care units, which can be as high as 33% in the ICUs. The length of the stay of patients diagnosed with pressure ulcers noticeably increased by about five times. The risk of death is increased about 4.5 times compared to the patients without this condition. This is the main reason this issue is being studied. ICU patients require constant monitoring and invasive procedures performed by the multidisciplinary team. Patients admitted to the ICU are considered critical and hemodynamic unstable. These patients may be sedated, provided with mechanical ventilation, and placed on bed rest for long periods of time. The most difficult challenge regarding pressure ulcers is to maintain skin intact. To ensure optimal pressure ulcer treatment and preventi...

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... and treatment of pressure sores should be periodically reviewed, which will assure the standardization of assistance, with emphasis on health education. The main idea is that nurse training and education of intensive care is absolutely necessary in order to provide the best quality of care to patients. Multidisciplinary team work in an integrated manner through discussions of cases and actions and through the sharing of knowledge will help to achieve anticipated outcome. A multidisciplinary approach is important to ensure optimal pressure ulcer care and prevention. Nurses play an important role in this process.


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The practice of the intensive nurse in the treatment of pressure ulcers. R.pesq.:cuid.fundam.Online Revista De Pesquisa: Cuidado é Fundamental Online, 6(2), 716-724.

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