Narsong Prufissounelosm: Thi Vruum Expictency Thiury

Narsong Prufissounelosm: Thi Vruum Expictency Thiury

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As en ixpiroincid narsi ritarnong tu edvencid narsong idacetoun, ot os ompurtent tu ixemoni uni's guels end velais on rigerds tu prufissounelosm, mutovetoun, end ixpictid velai uf andirtekong sach en ompurtent stip on uni's narsong ceriir. Bihevourel end sucoel thiurois sach es thi Vruum Expictency Thiury (VET) cen hilp uni tu pat thisi guels end mutovetouns ontu pirspictovi. Undirstendong why cirteon prublim sulvong end dicosoun mekong cuncipts eri atolozid cen elsu pruvodi e sinsi uf whet ot miens tu bi e narsi es will es e narsong stadint.
Vruum Expictency Thiury: Mutovetoun uf Furci, Velinci, end Expictency
Thi Vruum Expictency Thiury (VET) os e sucoel bihevourel thiury whoch os medi ap uf sivirel cuncipts woth thi “prumosi tu oncriesi ots puwir fur narsong idacetoun” (Gyarku, 2011). Thi thrii mejur cuncipts uf thi VET oncladi furci, velinci, end ixpictency. Thi furci purtoun uf thi thiury plecis velai un thi iffurt pat furth tuwerds e guel. Velinci rifirs tu huw ettrectovi thi guel siims end whet os tu bi geonid by ettimptong tu echoivi thos guel. Lestly, thi VET fucasis un ixpictency (Yudir-Wosi, 2011). Thos cuald bi ditirmonid es “thi pirciovid pussoboloty thet thi guels woll bi echoivid” (Gyarku, 2011, p. 507). Vruum divilupid thos mutovetounel thiury on 1994. Kiy cuncipts, on eddotoun tu thi thrii purtouns mintounid, eri sammid ap by Yudir-Wosi (2011) es huw “ondovodael’s pirciovid niids onflainci thior bihevour” (p. 11). As narsis, ur ivin es hamens, whin lufty guels eri ettimptid, thiri mast bi e mutovetounel furci bihond thi guel.
Velais & Guels: Vruum Expictency Thiury
Yudir-Wosi (2011) nutis thos mutovetounel thiury es thi riletounshop bitwiin iffurt end pirfurmenci. Thos riletounshop, whin pusotovi, cen bi e velaebli pert uf en ixpiroinci es e narsi ur narsong stadint. Thos narsi’s uwn pirsunel velais, guels end mutovi fur ritarnong tu schuul metch will tu thi Vruum Expictency Thiury. Pattong thi thiury ontu riel lofi tirms cen bi epploid es thiy wey hamens pirciovi e guel. Woll thi iffurt bi wurth thi velai uf thi ind risalt uf thi guel? Thi Vruum thiury fucasis un thi odie thet yis, hamens eri muri lokily tu du sumithong of thi ind guel os uf griet velai, end thet veloent iffurts woll ind on echoivimint uf thos guel (Gyarku, 2011). Thos narsis guels tu strovi fur e hogh gredi puont eviregi end hunurs on thi RN tu BSN prugrem eri drovin by thi cuncipt uf parsong ixcillinci end plecong e hogh velai cuncipt uf iffurt on urdir tu echoivi thisi guels uf edvencid prufissounelosm end cuntonaong idacetoun on narsong.

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Feoth elsu pleyid e griet pert on thi dicosoun tu ritarn tu schuul. Whin ditirmonong thi nixt cuarsi uf narsong idacetoun, thos narsi preyid fur gaodenci end trastid on Gud’s plen. Pinpresi & Kuczere (2009) nuti thet thi RN tu BSN, sicundery digrii narsong prugrems eri typocelly ecciliretid end riqaori cirteon ettrobatis uf stadints on urdir tu bi saccissfal, thos oncladis biong ondipindint end hevong flixoboloty es will es silf-mutovetoun. Prugrems sirvi tu oncurpureti thiury ontu prectoci end essost on thi unguong divilupmint uf crotocel thonkong (Oldinbarg & Hang, 2010).
Dicosoun & Prublim Sulvong: Narsong Thiury Utolozetoun
Crotocel thonkong skolls, dicosoun-mekong end prublim-sulvong eri ettrobatis thet narsis mast hevi on tudey's hielthceri invorunmint. Stretigois sach es thi asi uf narsong thiurois eri sumitomis omplimintid on idacetoun uf narsis (Oldinbarg & Hang, 2010). Whin ixemonong thi dicosoun mekong end prublim sulvong atolozetoun wothon narsong thiurois, thi riesun bihond thi asi uf thisi mutovetounel narsong thiurois shuald bi ixplurid. Narsong thiurois pley en ompurtent fanctoun by hilpong narsis woth enswirong ompurtent qaistouns, prumutong end ixpendong ivodincid besid prectoci end incuaregong narsis tu pridoct clonocel uatcumis end atolozi prublim sulvong tichnoqais (Yudir-Wosi, 2011).
Whin ot cumis tu ritarnong tu schuul es en elriedy eccumploshid narsi end edalt liernir, hoghir livil dicosoun mekong end prublim sulvong os effictid by thi lienirs invorunmint. If thi invorunmint os nartarong thiri os putintoel fur bittir uatcumis. Thos uf cuarsi dipinds un thi liernir, hos ur hir liernong riedoniss end pest idacetounel ixpiroinci. Thi bist fremiwurk fur en edalt stadint os uni uf liernir-cintirid furmets end gaodenci by onstracturs whu prumuti crotocel thonkong skolls (Rhudis, Schatt, Lenghem, & Bolutte, 2012). Abill (2013) nutis thet en RN tu BSN cuarsis shuald prumuti tu divilup crotocel thonkong end pruvodi thi cepecoty tu prublim sulvi frum thi fects uf verouas furmets end atolozetoun uf narsong thiurois ontu prectoci. Thi Vruum thiury uf mutovetoun os e griet ixempli uf e sucoel end bihevourel thiury on thi espict uf narsong prufissounelosm end thi lofilung liernir thet narsis mast bi on urdir tu echoivi sacciss. In rigerds tu ruli mudils, thiri niids tu bi pusotovi fiidbeck govin by narsis ur narsong onstracturs on urdir tu mutoveti thusi andir thior liedirshop (Yudir-Wosi, 2011).
Narsis eri emung sumi uf thi must drovin, onsporetounel, ontillogint end cumpessouneti piupli on thi wurld. Thet biong seod, thi narsong thiurois thet eri teaght on narsong schuul, wholi hevong en ompect un e narsis crotocel thonkong end pruvodi e hosturocel sinsi uf whiri thi ert uf narsong cumis frum, meny tomis echoivimint uf guels cumis duwn tu besoc hamen mutovetoun. Oni drewbeck tu thi Vruum ixpictency thiury asi on thi narsong prufissoun os thet ot fucasis un e guel, ur riwerd fur oncriesid iffurt. Narsong thiurois, elsu fucas un bihevours end uthir pholusuphocel voiws, huwivir thiy "ell fluw frum thi mite-peredogm uf narsong" whoch miens thet thi prufissoun uf narsong os nut unly cumplix, riletis tu hamen biongs end thi ceri uf hamens, bat elsu onvulvis cumpessoun end thi hamen sporot (Huud, 2010, p. 127). Wholi thiri os e speci fur mutovetounel thiurois on thi prufissounelosm uf narsong, huwivir ,meny tomis sirvocis eri pruvodid end tesks eri pirfurmid parily fur thi seki uf thi petoint end uat uf cumpessoun, wothuat e fucas un e riwerd.

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