Nursing Profession : An Elderly Woman For Theatre Procedure Essays

Nursing Profession : An Elderly Woman For Theatre Procedure Essays

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The nursing profession recognises the universal human rights of people and the moral responsibility to safeguard the inherent dignity and equal worth of everyone. This includes recognising, respecting and, where possible, protecting the wide range of civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights that apply to all human beings. According to code of ethics the nursing profession’s commitment to respect, promote, protect and uphold the fundamental rights of people who are both the recipients and providers of nursing and health care. In this given scenario, a male nurse is preparing an elderly aboriginal woman for theatre procedure. In the preparation, male nurse is removing the underpants of an elderly aboriginal woman against her will. Given the situations, a male nurse has failed in professional parameters of practice.

Nursing professionals are expected to uphold the most stringent standard of ethical professional conduct and can expect to be disciplined if and when they failed to uphold those standards, even if violation occur unintentionally. Displaying professionalism includes commitment to those to whom you provide nursing care, to your profession, and to society. Professionalism as a concept can be linked to three components that interlink, that is, professional parameters, professional practice and professional behaviour. In given scenario, male nurse has failed in to all three components of the professionalism. According to national competency standard for registered nurse, it will become responsibility of other nurse to function in accordance with legislation and to protect individual rights.

The safety of people requiring or receiving care must be the first priority. The nurse needs to be prepared to deal wit...

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...sibility to the profession, to you, to clients, employers and to the community. Keeping abreast of current health knowledge and practices is one example of professional responsibility. Having a strong work ethic and working collaboratively with others show a sense of responsibility to colleagues, employers and to the community. Better patient/client outcomes result from collaboration and co-operation between health care team members.

Recommendation, to provide appropriate holistic care to aboriginal people needs to be a priority for all nurses, the health of australia’s indigenous people is negatively impacted by interpersonal and institutional racism. providing cultural competency and cultural awareness training to the male nurse providing care to elderly aboriginal women will have positive impact on health outcome for other people.

Aboriginal nurse liaison.

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