Nursing Profession : A Complex Combination Of Art And Science Essay

Nursing Profession : A Complex Combination Of Art And Science Essay

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Nurses love that they can make a difference in the lives of different patients who suffer from all kinds of issues and problems, and who have their own stories. Nurses care for the patients and their loved ones, being there to hold their hands during the scariest fight of their life when every second matters. Each individual nurse might define their goals in nursing differently, but they all give time to share in their patients ' pain and joy. The nursing profession is an ongoing challenge. Every skill, every theory, and every experience learned in nursing school matters in improving the patients ' well-being. The nursing practice is a complex combination of art and science. The art of nursing refers to the nurses’ qualities like communicativeness, caring and compassionate (Palos, 2014). In contrast, the science of nursing involves the acquisition of reliable knowledge and technical skills (Palos, 2014). The balance of these two different aspects is the foundation of the nursing profession. Applying both aspects is fundamental in nursing practice. I have been a registered nurse for about two years, working as an RN supervisor in a nursing facility. For me, nursing is in my heart and also in my brain. Nurses cannot practice the art of nursing without the science, and they also practice the science without the art.
The art of nursing
The art of nursing involves the nurses ' compassion, insight, and intuition which are necessary in providing holistic care for patient. It also includes the values and the meaning of the patient-nurse relationship. For example, the art of nursing reflects the pattern of the nurse-patient relationship which is based on patterns of personal, ethical, and aesthetic practices (Thomas, ...

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...t least ten jobs in community nursing as a case manager in Los Angeles county by the end of 2016. While I am looking for a management position, I will continue volunteering in the community where I am currently involved. After working on the new job for a while, I will research at least five public health programs that offer master 's degrees by the end of 2019. I believe that higher education will open more opportunities for me to realize my dream job – working in a nonprofit health organization to promote a safe and healthy community. While I continue my education, I will find a career of the nursing director in a nonprofit organization by 2021. Through the job, I will learn and develop my management skills which will be beneficial when I eventually run my organization. My dreams will continue growing, and there is no doubt that my nursing career is just beginning.

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