Nursing Practice Of Nursing Clinical Judgment Based On The Holistic Model

Nursing Practice Of Nursing Clinical Judgment Based On The Holistic Model

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• Describe an experience in your clinical practice in which you used nursing clinical judgment based on the holistic model. How did you use the nursing process in that example?

I can remember one time I had a patient that had multiple admissions in a one month time frame. He was admitted each time with the same or similar symptoms, shortness of breath, chest pain and elevated blood pressure. Taking into consideration his age and the fact that he presented with cardiac symptoms, the doctor would admit for further evaluation. Each time he was admitted his wife would stay at his bedside and wait on him hand a feet and never leave to go home. She would have a suitcase and so many other belongings each visit. At this particular hospital we didn’t offer families meal trays when they stayed with their love ones, but my patient’s wife always asked if we had an extra tray that no one ate, she did this breakfast, lunch and dinner. My patient blood pressure would be normal after a night stay and his symptoms would be relieved and all of his test would be negative. One day, I asked my manager for some extra meal tickets so that we could accommodate my patient’s wife during her stay with meals. My manager did give me the meal tickets for her. When I took the meal tickets to his wife, she started crying, she was so appreciative and then she began to talk. My patient’s wife told me that they were being evicted from their home, a home that had for over twenty years. She said for the past months her and her husband were going through so much. She said they did not have any family that lived area, they did not have any kids and no where to get help from. for the last. She said some days did not know where their next meals was coming ...

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...the dead should be turned toward the city of Mecca. If located in the United States the face should be turned in Northeast direction. Clothes should be removed by the same gender family member and the body should be covered by sheets. The family would quickly prepare for washing (ghusl) and an Islamic burial.
When caring for each culture I would be sure to keep their beliefs and values in consideration. I would also make sure that this knowledge is known to all members of the health care team. I would also insure that all information on my patient is conveyed when the hand-off reports given so that patients’ needs will be met. I would make sure that my patient was never offended in any way, shape, or form purposely.
Taheri, N. (2008, May 1). Health Care In Islamic History and Experience. Retrieved January 22, 2016, from

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