Nursing Philosophy and Code of Ethics Essay

Nursing Philosophy and Code of Ethics Essay

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There are philosophical forces that make up and direct each nurse’s practice. Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2008) note philosophy as “the intense and critical examination of beliefs and assumptions (pp. 27). One incorporates knowledge and beliefs to make up their philosophical forces. Possessing outstanding philosophical forces allows one to be respectful, well rounded and possess good character. Some examples of ways one has been respectful towards another person’s beliefs are discussed in the next paragraph.
A few months ago, one encountered an experience with patient from a different religious background. This particular patient required a blood transfusion, but opted out due to religious reasons. One had to respect the patient’s wishes and continue to give them adequate nursing care that was in the scope of their religion. One has also encountered an experience with a nurse from a different religious background. This particular nurse’s religion had a prayer ritual that required her to pray at different times throughout the day. One respected that nurse and watched over her patients while she was away. As a nurse, one must be respectful and accommodating to another. One’s philosophical forces go hand-in-hand with their philosophy of practice.
Ethics and values are incorporated into the philosophy of practice. Burkhardt and Nathaniel (2008) note that philosophy of practice “focuses on the critical examination of assumptions about norms or values and includes ethics, social and political philosophy, and the philosophy of the law (pp. 28). The development of ethics values begin during childhood and continue to progress into adulthood. They are influenced by society, knowledge and experience.
One uses ethics values when making appropr...

... middle of paper ... the use of electronic motor vehicles.
In provision 9, it describes the nursing profession’s responsibility and their associations. This includes creating certain standards of practice and using the Code of Ethics. It also describes that nurses can politically work to create a social change (American Nurses Association, 2011). Every day, one abides by the Code of Ethics, which contributes to the nursing profession. One has also volunteered at a homeless shelter, providing care to people in need. These provisions are imperative to the nursing profession and help mold nursing practice.
The ANA’s Scope of Practice, state of Ohio legal regulations, philosophical forces, and ethical principles are all relative to professional nursing and the way one practices nursing. Without all of these important factors, nursing would not be where it is today. This concludes that

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