Nursing Mental Health Unit With An Admitting Diagnosis Of Bulimia Nervosa

Nursing Mental Health Unit With An Admitting Diagnosis Of Bulimia Nervosa

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• Demographics: 20-year-old female sent to inpatient mental health unit with an admitting diagnosis of bulimia nervosa.
• Reason for admission: Patient would binge eat at each meal, and was purging up to 35 times a week. She was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome, type 2 diabetes, reoccurring mononucleosis, and kidney issues. She has been admitted to the hospital over 5 times because of pyelonephritis and reoccurring kidney stones. Patient refers to her purging episodes as “getting sick” and wants to stop her impulsive eating behaviors. Sometimes she feels guilty, and occasionally cuts her wrists.
• Psychosocial information: Before college, she had a gastric lap band surgery to help her lose weight, since she borderline obese. After the surgery, she developed dumping syndrome, which caused her to vomit and get diarrhea after most meals if she overate. Eventually, she started making herself throw up after large meals, and she noticed that she was starting to lose weight. Her eating disorder intensified when she was raped 2 years ago by a guy she met online. She lied to her family and friends about the rape and even about the eating disorder when asked about it. She has lost about 200 pounds since the surgery, and still feels “fat.” She does not feel happy with her appearance, so she dates online to feel wanted. Her grades have dropped significantly, and she was put on academic probation. She lies to her professors in order to turn work in late, and feels like the hospital is her safe place. She feels like prescription pain medications and food are the only thing that help her. Her parents give her money, but it disappears quickly because she spends it all on food. She was recently fired from her job because she was steali...

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...or carbohydrates, thereby decreasing the incidence of binge eating” (Townsend, 2014, pg. 602). Also, antidepressant drugs have aided treatment for bulimia nervosa.
• Treatment modalities: the most beneficial form of treatment for this patient would be psychotherapy, specifically individual therapy. The other treatment options were good too, but this one is needed because her case is more severe. According to Townsend (2014), “in supportive psychotherapy, the therapist encourages the client to explore unresolved conflicts and to recognize the maladaptive eating disorders as defense mechanisms used to ease the emotional pain” (Townsend, 2014, pg. 601). Since her life experiences have been rough, she needs to discuss them and stop pretending these events that happened to her are alright. She deserves to feel better as a person, so that she can live a successful life.

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