Essay on Nursing Leadership With Advocacy For Advocacy

Essay on Nursing Leadership With Advocacy For Advocacy

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Combining Nurse Leader with Advocacy
Being able to know individual strengths and weaknesses is so crucial in our lives other than our careers. It is not only the positivity 's that matters, the negativities are very crucial too because they make us work harder to improving and getting better in what we do by helping us to achieve our goals after going through all those experiences. I have rated myself as a nurse by using the nurse manager inventory tool and saw a lot of competences on my experiences/skills. I also rated my strength and weaknesses. "According to Merriam-Webster 's collegiate(R) dictionary, Strength is defined as the quality or state of being strong" (Strength. 2012). "Weaknesses is defined as lack of strength" (Weakness. 1997). "Self-Understanding helps individual in his or her recognition of weaknesses assisting the person to overcoming any shortcomings in the nursing field" (Carson, 2005). To be a good leader, you must be empowered with the Knowledge on strengths and weaknesses. "Personal accountability hold us responsible for the work that we do followed by the quality of their actions by others (Basset, 2005). With this paper, I will be able to write after rating myself on strengths and weaknesses in connection to personal and professional accountability, career planning, personal journey discipline, and reflective practice reference /tenets. Again, I am going to discuss on how to use current leadership skill to advocate for change at workplace. Finally, I am going to recognize and implementation plan on achieving personal goal on leadership growth.
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..., in age, our race, and in religion. One of the ways to this possibility is by attending action-learning groups, a place that I can meet with colleagues and friends for interaction because busy nursing work make this impossible to do. Another chance is my involvement in social affairs in my community. With these techniques, I wish to earn a big recognition of diversity which would help me to acknowledge workmate viewpoint thereby giving support in participation to decision or resolution making.
To conclude this essay, it is obvious that nurse manager inventory tools if used properly as stated on career planning, personal journey discipline, accountability and reflective practice, they all aim at personal growth that can be used at home and at work and lead individual to leadership role. It gives more appetite for more education and being more ethical.

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