The Nursing Leadership Problem For Nurses Essay

The Nursing Leadership Problem For Nurses Essay

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The nursing leadership problem is there are not enough bachelor prepared nurses to staff hospitals nationwide, because Magnet hospitals have a goal to have 80% of nurses in the hospitals to have a four year Bachelor of Science in nursing degree by the year 2020 (Sarver, Cichra, & Kline, 2015). This problem of the shortage of nurses stems from the baby boomers retiring and needing more medical care. So to offset the need for nurses, more two year programs for nurses have begun around the area to increase the nurse population to accommodate the baby boomers. The problem is leading to the nurses who are working short staffed becoming dissatisfied with their job and jumping around from hospital to hospital causing high turnover rates (Cox, Willis, & Coutasse, 2014).
The Bureau of Labor and Statistics revealed their findings for the projected employment growth between 2010 and 2020 for an expected 26% rise increase of nurses due to baby boomers turning 65 years old and needing medical care (Cox, Willis, & Coutasse, 2014). In the year 2006, nursing schools with bachelor programs had to deny approximately 42,000 applicants with the major reason being lack of nursing faculty to educate the potential students (Cox, Willis, & Coutasse, 2014). The high turnover rates and lack of skilled nurses can be attributed to job dissatisfaction, RN age increases, demographic changes in patients, insufficient staffing, recent turnover, and supervisor control (Cox, Willis, & Coutasse, 2014).
Staff’s Perspective of Problem
Nursing staff get frustrated with management due to the fact they are working short staffed and get called almost on a daily basis to come into work extra shifts because the unit is so short staffed. Due to the diminish...

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...utions. This solution solves the immediate problem of the staffing shortage while obtaining higher education. The higher education will lead to better patient outcomes and the job will give the nurse the resources she needs to complete her degree, such as financial means and experience. Some major hospitals will even pay a percentage of the cost of the degree in exchange for a contract agreeing to work for the hospital for after the degree is obtained. This also guarantees the shortage will not become a problem in the immediate future because the nurse has the debt owed to the hospital to pay off by working. The final solution also is in line with Magnet goals of having 80% of bachelor degree nurses by the year 2020. Even with attending college or taking classes part time the nurse should be able to complete the goal of obtaining a BSN within a five year time frame.

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