Essay on Nursing: Job Satisfaction and Quality of Work Life

Essay on Nursing: Job Satisfaction and Quality of Work Life

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A job is a contractual relationship between an employer and employee with set guidelines that entail pay, hours available, conduct and responsibilities (Jones & Gates, 2007; Robbins & Judge, 2010). Job satisfaction is how an employee feels about fulfilling their contractual obligation with the employer based on their individual evaluation of their job’s characteristics (Robbins & Judge, 2010). Quality of work life is more complex and is based on the intrinsic factors named above and individual psychological needs of the employee within the work environment. Characteristics that nurses perceive as relevant to job satisfaction include positive relationships with supervisors, recognition for work (Heinen et al., 2013; Navaie-Waliser, Lincoln, Karuturi, & Reisch, 2004), shared governance, trust, available resources to facilitate doing the job, and a healthy and safe work environment (Duffield, Roche, O'Brien-Pallas, Catling-Paull, & King, 2009; Ecker, 2012; Heinen et al., 2013; Mohammadi & Ameri S., 2013; Navaie-Waliser, Lincoln, Karuturi, & Reisch, 2004; Scotti, Harmon, & Behson, 2007, 2009). According to (H. K. S. Laschinger (2008); Mohammadi and Ameri S. (2013)) and (Pugh et al. 2002; Schneider & Bowen 1985) as cited by (Scotti et al., 2007) there is a relevant relationship between job satisfaction and quality of work life. The purpose of this paper is to explore the topic and provide a review of the literature on the subject.
Concept of Interest
In nursing, job satisfaction is highly correlated with employee retention and quality of service (Gormley, 2011; Navaie-Waliser, Lincoln, Karuturi, & Reisch, 2004; Papastavrou et al., 2012). Nursing retention, turnover and shortage are interrelated concepts. Nurse retention ...

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