Nursing Job Satisfaction

Nursing Job Satisfaction

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Zangaro & Soeken (2007) meta-analysis used a quantitative approach, in which descriptive research was used to collected data to answer questions regarding nursing job satisfaction. Also correlational research was used to attempt to determine whether and to what degree, the relationship between job satisfaction and autonomy, job stress, and nurse–physician collaboration among staff registered nurses existed. Downe, Simpson, & Trafford (2007) meta-synthesis used a qualitative approach, to collect extensive narrative data to gain insights into the accounts of intrapartum midwifery skills, beliefs, philosophies by expert practitioners working in the field of intrapartum maternity.The data was then analyzed and the researchers produced a synthesis. Zangaro & Soeken (2007) evidence appraisal noted the quality was rigorous preappraised evidence, and the results are clinically significant, and reliable . The researchers noted that having autonomy and good collaboration between nurses and physicians in an organization, in conjuction with decrease job stress, is consistent with better job satisfaction. The magnitude of the effect was a totalof 41 effect sizes across the 31 studies with high quality. Downe, Simpson, & Trafford (2007) quality of the included studies was good but was weak in the use of certain techniques (transparency of the analysis/reflexive accounting). The researchers employed rigorous consising of preappraised evidence with strong clinical significance, but was limited because 3 of the included papers were by the same author. The level I would assign for Zangaro & Soeken (2007) is a Level V as an systematic review of descriptive/qualitative/physiologic studies. For Downe, Simpson, & Trafford (2007) I would assign it as an Level III as an systematic review of an correlational/observational studies. From an institional perspective I would first develop an protocol to implement the evidence, and then I would develop an plan to evaluate, and perform a trial of the evidence. As an individual I would after reading the evidence, attend related conferences and activities based on the evidence to become more knowledgeable to integrate it into daily practice.I would evaluate the change based on Polit & Beck(2008) by developing outcomes before the change to compare to, and collect data monthly to ensure the change was effective.

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