Nursing Is The Largest Of All Health Care Professions Essays

Nursing Is The Largest Of All Health Care Professions Essays

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Nursing is the largest of all health care professions, with there being more than three million registered nurses world wide. When someone chooses a career in nursing, they can 't just do it for the job benfiets or the pay, they have to really enjoy and love their career. A lot of people might go into nursing, because they know it can make very good money. If they were to go in for just that reason, they would eventually become very tired of having to deal woth all of the responosibilities that come along with the career and might give up. You 've got to want to really help all of your patients and have their best interst in mind at all times. Nursing isn 't just a risky career, it 's also a very tiring one. For the simple fact that a nurse will have someone 's life in their hands.Any decison that is made could either help them or entitally cost them their life. When being a nurse, one must be very concise about every action that is taken. They must also be very aware of all of the consequences that come with each action that is made.
There are a number of things that could go wrong; medicine errors, harming patients, risking one 's license. Nurses have to be personally responsible for all of their actions. They must know exactly what they 're doing and within their scope and act in the patient 's best interest. Coming forward about a mistake that has been committed and take personal responsibility for what her/she has done, in respect of the patient, their license and nursing as a whole.
Medical malpractice is how one would lose their license, so it 's every nurses responsibility to make sure they do not do any medical malpractice. Malpractice can happen in a number of ways, on the part of a health care professional. The ma...

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...The nurse must be able to to act quickly and calmly in every situation, no matter how hectic it can get. If a patient comes in and is bleeding profusely, the nurse can not freak out in any kind of way. They must make the patient feel as comfortable as possible, all while taking care of the wound and treating it as needed. It is the nurses job to keep the enviroment calm. They must be right along side the doctor, to help with whatever is needed in that situation. Nurses must not only keep the patient calm, but also the doctor.
Even though being a nurse comes with a lot of responsibilities, in the end it is always worth it. Getting to know all of your patients and growing a bond with them. Seeing the smiles on their faces, because you are doing all you can to make them better. Knowing that your job is to save people 's lives, is a gratifying feeling all in itself.

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