Essay on Nursing Is A Profession Of Integrity And Compassion

Essay on Nursing Is A Profession Of Integrity And Compassion

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“When you’re a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.”

Nursing, for me, is more than a profession, it is a journey where I learn continuously about life changing events and miracles. Touching the lives of others or being touched by other’s story is an experience one can’t describe, only endure. Nursing is a profession of integrity and compassion, and it is the most trusted professions due to our commitment towards our patient. The quality of a good nurse is they should be caring, sensitive, kind and respectful towards their patient, and I believe I possess all these qualities that have contributed to me in my successful career of nursing. Working at Cleveland Clinic, I got a great opportunity to work with a group of doctors and coworkers who have the same mission in life and job as mine; “Put the patient first”. Making a positive impact on patient’s life, big or small, noticed or unnoticed, gives me a great sense of accomplishment and makes me proud to be a nurse.
My journey for RN to BSN is not long, but I am learning so much every day that I do not want it to end. It has changed my approach of nursing in many ways. The important lesson I learned is to be a good listener. The people who walk in the hospital have fear of the unknown, or they are afraid of unexpected. Being a good listener helps them to calm down a little and helps to build a trust relationship with the nurse. My goal is to treat my patients as my family members and help them to go through this phase as memorable as possible…of course good memory! I am a firm believer in the life long pursuit of higher education attainment. I love immersing myself in the subjects that will teach me something new. Nursing d...

... middle of paper ... to provide a positive team environment and patient have positive experience. To advance the healthcare standards globally the nurses should improve the nursing profession by maintaining work ethics and involving local community, political and professional nursing organization.
The field of nursing is so vast that it doesn’t leave you room for boredom. Every day brings more opportunity and more experiences. My most important contribution to nursing right now is my positive outlook on life, enthusiasm, and the ability to offer hope to patients and their families. The contribution I hope to make to nursing in the future is being a leader and mentor, and be an inspiration to others to enter into the nursing profession. I would also like to contribute to improving healthcare quality through becoming a nurse educator and share my knowledge and experience with others.

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