Essay on Nursing Is A Human Science

Essay on Nursing Is A Human Science

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Defining what a nurse is varies from person to person. Some have described a nurse as a person who shows care to their patients while others say that nurses assist to regain the ill’s health back. There is no wrong answer in defining what a nurse is. Moreover, I believe that a nurse is one who treats their patients with the dignity and respect that they deserve, and assists them in promoting and preventing their health illness and lastly, enhancing their health to optimal status. Nursing is viewed as a human science because nurse must display a connection with each patient. One must view the patients as a person, who has feelings, who behaves a certain way and who deserve to be well cared for. In addition, nursing is not a profession that treats the patients like objects. (Pilkington, 2005) I always tell myself if I were in their shoes, would I want to be treated in a disrespectful manner or not be acknowledged for. No matter what age, gender or condition you are in, one always has to show them respect, by include them in the decision process, and care for them in a caring manner. Thus, one must remember to treat the patient like one would treat oneself.
In Lehman College, the nursing program mission is to prepare nursing students to be able to think critically, and connect with the patients as human beings and not objects. As we connect the nursing program mission to nursing as human science, the nursing program wants to educate their students to care for their patients in a humane manner. We must show compassion, empathy, respectfulness, and uniqueness to our patients. In addition, treating our patients with respect and allowing them to make their decisions is important in establishing our patient-centered care. We have to l...

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...e of ethics will make sure our responsibilities are being accomplished with every patient. In addition, the code of ethics is technically what defines us as nurse. It defines what are the nurses’ responsibilities, duties, and values. Thus, I believe the code of ethics is necessary value that should be instill in every nursing student.
In conclusion, nursing is a profession that involves treating patient with individualized care, respect and uniqueness, but it also important to know the nurse’s responsibilities. The code of ethics is essential framework that guides the nurses in the type of care that should be used with patient. In addition, the nurses are able to use the code of ethics to know their responsibilities and values that are essential in provide that adequate and well-known care. The code of ethics respects the patient’s right, health and overall safety.

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