Nursing Interventions : Managing Diabetes Essay

Nursing Interventions : Managing Diabetes Essay

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Nursing Interventions: Managing Diabetes

Problem Introduction

Diabetes is a disease that affects everyone. I too have been affected my father side of the family has diabetes in it. Diabetes has no cure and it is something you have to deal with for the rest of you life. With the support of nursing you can help patient become compliant with this diseases, which will help them less complication in life.

Background Information

With the current literature research diabetes a growing among patients across the world. There several ways nursing can educate their patients on this disease that is killing their patients day to day. Educating their patients on getting physically active, changing their diet, and not smoking our some of the ways they can help the patient .

Research Sources

The CINAHL database of peer-reviewed journals was used to complete a search of terms that included: diabetes mellitus and nursing support. Search results identified 24 articles from which three were selected for used. The criteria I used to select the chosen articles was that the articles that had nursing support for diabetes and self managing diabetes.

Literature Review

Partiprajak, Hanucharurnkul, Piaseu, Brooten and Nityasuddhi (2011) had a mixed methods study which gave differences in outcomes of diabetic management among type II diabetes patients who attended support groups for diabetic management care led by nurse practitioners and those managed by primary care physicians (p. 288). A A sample of 100 participants was selected from which 56 were placed in the comparison group while 44 were assigned to a group led by an advanced nursing professional (p. 290).

Holloway, Coon, Kersten and Ciemins (2011) exam...

... middle of paper ...

...The intervention identified as best practice focus on direct nursing support as the most effective management in diabetes patients. Interventions focused on management strategies prescribed by nurse practioners and medical doctors. The study results indicate that the use of direct patient support provided by nurse practioners were most effective for compliance and increasing management in diabetes patients.
The effectiveness outcomes can be measured by effective monitoring of blood glucose levels, effective compliance in the administration of medications, willingness to change towards healthy lifestyle behaviors and increased health literacy related to diabetes. The recommended timeframe for the implementation and assessment of the interventions’ effectiveness would require at least one full year implementation cycle having the greatest potential for success.

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