The Nursing Intervention Of Nitroglycerin Sublingual Tablets For Chest Pain

The Nursing Intervention Of Nitroglycerin Sublingual Tablets For Chest Pain

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I chose the nursing intervention of nitroglycerin sublingual tablets for chest pain. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States; it kills more people than all cancers combined (Kulas, 2013). Since Heart disease is the leading cause of death, it is something that will be seen a great deal in the hospital. Working on the chest pain unit of Mercy several times semester and working in the ER, many people came in with the complications of heart disease; heart attacks and angina. One of the nursing interventions done that I could see the immediate results of was giving Nitroglycerin sublingual tablets for chest pain. This is what led me to choose Nitroglycerin as my topic and ask the question: Why do we give Nitroglycerin for chest pain in coronary artery disease?
II. Identified problem or complaint needing nursing intervention.
The objective of administering nitroglycerin is to relieve chest pain caused by stable angina and acute coronary syndrome, and increase oxygen supply to the heart. Chest pain indicates that the heart is not receiving enough blood flow and oxygen. A priority when a patient is experiencing chest pain is therefore to restore blood flow to the heart, and consequently reduce chest pain. This is achieved through vasodilatation and decreasing pre-load, therefore relieving chest pain.
My patient was a fifty two year old male admitted to the hospital after a non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI). During his hospital stay he experienced some chest pain and pressure off and on. During my shift he experienced chest pain so the nurse and I into the room. We assessed his pain, which he rated as a four out of ten and his blood pressure was slightly elevated, so he was given one subling...

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...not control their symptoms as effectively. The participants did lack knowledge on the pharmacodynamics of the drug, but it did not cause incorrect usage. Many participants did not know about dose limitations and would take more than one dose at the same time, putting them at risk of an overdose and physiological harm. This study shows that patients need more education on using and storing nitroglycerin.
Giving Nitroglycerin for chest pain is an evidence based practice. Research supports that nitroglycerin should be given to manage acute chest pain in coronary artery disease. Nitroglycerin can be given up to three times every five minutes sublingually or intravenously for persistent pain. My patient was experiencing chest pain so we administered two sublingual nitroglycerin tablets to him five minutes apart and the expected outcome, relieved chest pain, was achieved.

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