Nursing Informatics : Exploring Benefits & Limitations Essay

Nursing Informatics : Exploring Benefits & Limitations Essay

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Nursing Informatics: Exploring Benefits & Limitations of EMRs
The nursing practice is ever-changing in the pursuit and application of new knowledge. Nursing informatics, specifically, is a profession meant to process the steady flow of new information seeping into the profession by way of research, education, legislation, culture, and technology. This profession combines technology use, data analysis, ethics, patient care, decision support systems, human-computer interactions, information systems, imaging informatics, computer science, electronic patient records, e-learning, and telenursing to create the field of informatics for the modern nurse (Kelly, Brandon, & Docherty, 2011). The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society defines informatics as a specialty that “integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice” (Lee, 2013, p. 55). In this way, informatics is essential to the medical field in the same way that the framework is essential for a house. The healthcare industry is one which benefits from continuous research and innovation. Sufficient technology and equipment in the workplace is imperative for the nurse to provide premium care to patients. Technology allows the medical team to streamline information and standardize the practice: this can be observed in the use of electronic medical records (EMRs). The purpose of this discussion is to review the benefits and limitations presented by the use of EMRs in the clinical setting.
Informatics is an essential component to the healthcare industry. In an increasingly modernized profession, the integration between computer systems and patient care is becoming m...

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...uch a central component to the nursing practice allows other technology systems to be more readily integrated into the clinical setting; that is, nurses with informatics competency (i.e., EMR mastery) feel more comfortable to adopt new, useful electronic technologies. This creates positive implications for the unit overall, willing to adapt to new protocol in an effort to increase efficiency and care outcomes.
The role of the nurse is constantly evolving. Nurses must be prepared to integrate information in a way that promotes patient outcomes, organizational efficiency, professional collaboration, and ethical decision-making; these outcomes are expressed through the implementation of useful informatics systems, such as EMRs. Informatics culminates to use data collection, analysis, and technology systems to enhance patient care and professional application.

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