Nursing Home Staff Turnover and Better Practices Essay

Nursing Home Staff Turnover and Better Practices Essay

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Absenteeism Absenteeism occurs due to employee sickness, and low rates of absenteeism correlates with employees who have been in long-term care for a longer period (Singh, 2010, p. 426). The longer the employee has been working at the facility or residence, the less likely it is that they will be absent from work. It is important to manage absenteeism so that employees will take their absent days more seriously and prevent them from taking sick or personal days. According to Singh (2010, p. 426), management regulates absenteeism with written policies for an excused and unexcused absence; in addition, procedural consequences are listed for each additional absence.
Turnover and Retention There are fortunate facilities that have dedicated employees; hence having lower staff turnover rates. On the other hand, most facilities and homes have high turnover rates. Nursing home staff turnover rates exceeds those of other industries (Singh, 2010, p. 426). A way to better understand staff turnover trends is by calculating it monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. According to Singh (2010, p. 427), it costs time and money to replace and train new employees; therefore, making turnovers expensive. Other indirect costs includes over-time paid to employees to fill in unfilled time slots, temporary agencies who find temps to cover vacant shifts, and the time that it takes management to find a replacement when they could be worrying about other important aspects of the company.
Leadership Stability One factor of high staff turnover in nursing homes is unstable leadership stability. It has been discovered that the turnover rate for nursing home administrators is estimated at forty percent, and they have been leaving to find better opportu...

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...fied Nurse Assistant”, n.d.). The more training a new employee has, the less likely that he or she will feel abandoned and discouraged on the job.
Career Paths High employee turnover rate is also a result of an employee feeling that there is no room for advancement. Opportunities for promotions or room to grow will promote job loyalty (Singh, 2010, p. 429). A solution for this would be to understand each individual’s needs and goals.

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