Essay on The Nursing Health Field

Essay on The Nursing Health Field

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Like most colleges, nursing had a problem with allowing African Americans to go through the same education as a white student. There were all black programs that only allowed African Americans to participate in it. Only until the mid-twentieth century was segregation of nursing programs to be abolished. When World War I started there was a great need for special skilled nurses. (American Academy of Nursing's Expert Panel pg. American Nursing: An Introduction to the Past)
About 23,000 nurses served in the military for the war. They worked in military bases and even on the battlefield. With the success of nurses in the military it was clear that nursing would be important for our armies to grow. After World War I, America started to make programs for military nurses. Just like it is now, nurses would go through basic boot camp and later branch off into specialized nursing careers for the military. (American Academy of Nursing's Expert Panel pg. American Nursing: An Introduction to the Past)
Montana Nursing Programs
There are 12 accredited colleges in Montana that have a RN or LPN degree choice. I will choose three different Montana schools to describe their nursing programs. I will talk about Carroll College which is known as a prestige private school. University of Montana in Missoula will be another college I will talk about because it’s the biggest college in Montana and is a University college. The other college I will talk about is MSU- Billings, which is a small and cheaper college than most. (AACN)
Carroll College is a private school and because of that is one of the most expensive colleges you can go to. Tuition alone for Carroll College is close to $27,000 a year. With room and board and other added prices for college t...

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