Essay on Nursing Goals : Nursing Is Not Like Any Other Career

Essay on Nursing Goals : Nursing Is Not Like Any Other Career

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Nursing Goals
Nursing is not like any other career in the world. It takes dedication, strength and courage to be able to pursue the nursing field. Being a nurse isn’t about just taking care of people physically, but mentally and spiritually. As a nurse, we have to have the right mindset and attitude to always be there for our patient when their family isn’t present or nonexistent. Be the one who gives them a hand when a hand has never been offered. Understand their anger and sadness and not take it personally but to take all the pain, hurt or sadness from a patient and turn it into the most positive and encouraging experience we can. Making them feel comforted in whatever way we can until they are back to being well and can function in society. Being a nurse isn’t just getting a patient well but being an extension of them that isn’t able to care for themselves. Be the person they can’t be because they aren’t well enough to be. Showing, not only others around you but you 're patient that being a nurse is more than just checking on someone. It’s a special bond between a patient and nurse that cannot be replaced by any form of medicine.
Achievement motivation theory relates motivation to competence and class- fies goal orientation as either mastery (also called task or learning oriented) or performance (also called extrinsic goals or image oriented). Performance-oriented students want praise or reward for demonstrating their competence or ability. (Perrot, Deloney, Hastings, Savell, Savidge, 2001, p. 2) .
My career goals for the nursing field are to earn my doctoral degree in pediatrics to become a nurse practitioner. Getting into the nursing program would not only be beneficial to the university but to myself. Knowing that I w...

... middle of paper ...

... know I will never fail.
…the results carefully evaluated, it is only possible to state that the results of research indicate that nursing students should prove to be better motivated, self-initiating, more involved in the learning process and more creative, and should acquire a greater and more pervasive understanding which will equip them for continual learning long after formal training has ceased”. ( Jones, 1980, p. 67 ) .
Now that I’m getting closer to my dream of helping makes children’s lives better through medicine I couldn’t be happier. Being premature opened my eyes up to a lot of issues that all children deal may. I was one pound and fourteen ounces and God saved my life. I want to be able to be the best nurse that I can be and even after I graduate from nursing school I plan to always continue to further educate myself whether in the field or outside it.

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